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A lovely barn conversion in Ivybridge all fiinished off in PLX Mountain Grey.

A tricky little valley detail on this one.



Lots of detail in this job at Broadhempston.

Another job complete using VMzinc Quartz.



And just like that the scaffolds dropped.

VMzinc Anthra looking great as always.



Can't wait to see the scaffolding dropped on this one. 

Random sized panels were chosen on this design using VMzinc Anthra.



All finished here in Bickington. What a great job the lads have done.



What a beautiful day to be starting this job in Bickington.

Greencoat PLX in a

Mountain Grey finish will be the material of choice here.



This job in Ivybridge will look great in Vmzinc Anthra on the roof and wall cladding.



A few finishing touches left for this job in Spreyton. Vmzinc Anthra is definitely a favourite.



A nice little local job for one of our regular clients. Roof finished in stainless steel.



The Autarkic House- First European Off-Grid Solar-Hydrogen Powered House Developed in Devon. The project is a “European first in mechanical engineering for a single house”, which generates all its own power through the solar array.

How exciting to be a part of this project. Looking forward to watching it progress.



We're making progress on a unique new build in Exeter in VMzinc Quartz.

This project is to be featured on Grand designs once completed.



A new barn conversion we are starting in Wembworthy, Devon.

Doug showing the vast 500m2 roof we will be working on.



A small job we completed in Bishops's Newtown in VMzinc Quartz. It's just waiting to have the protective layer peeled off.



Copper shingles on a Church steeple that we did 3 years ago in Kings Nympton is still looking good.



The second job in Banwell for the same client using VMzinc Quartz completed.



Stainless steel roof on the doctors surgey in Tavistock.

And first day of work for our new apprentice Douglas


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