What's On


A new barn conversion we are starting in Wembworthy, Devon.

Doug showing the vast 500m2 roof we will be working on.



A barn conversion using coated steel in Hampshire.



A small job we completed in Bishops's Newtown in VMzinc Quartz. It's just waiting to have the protective layer peeled off.



Copper shingles on a Church steeple that we did 3 years ago in Kings Nympton is still looking good.



The second job in Banwell for the same client using VMzinc Quartz completed.



A lovely roof in Banwell that we completed using VMzinc Quartz plus.



A great job we finished in Waterrow, Taunton. Completed using VMzinc Quartz.



Some great aerial shots using a drone of a roof we completed in Truro using VMzinc Quartz.



Lots of progress being made on the roof at Salcombe, and the vertical cladding nearly complete on the walls.



The start of a new job using VMzinc Quartz Strat in Salcombe. What a lovely view to work with.



Another roof finished.This one is in Downderry using VMzinc Quartz.

A nice view to work with. 



A nice little job done in a day in Illminter using VMzinc Quartz standing seam panels.



Stainless steel roof at Tavistock begining with our new apprentice Douglas.



All done at North Bovey, just awaiting the rooflight to arrive.


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