Euroclad Vieo, Catnic ssr2 and Colorcoat urban pre fabricated metal roof systems.

Pre-fabricated metal roof systems have grown in popularity over recent years. These systems are usually made with a coated steel, fabricated off site and delivered to site for a sigificant cost. We can offer these systems, but in our opinion we can provide a far superior traditional seam system using the same material for a similar price. The main difference you will notice is the quality of finish, our systems have only hidden fixings and all flashings are made bespoke onsite exactly to size. Our table below shows the differences between the systems.  

Traditional Standing seam


Swept eaves detail, a neat technique to terminate the seam ends



Verge flashings measured and made on-site, no visible fixings



Roof installed by Architectural Metal Roofing an industry vetted, manufacturer accredited contractor.

Pre-fabricated systems


Raw cut seam, untidy, steel core expsed to elements



Pre-fabricated flashings fitted using srcews and mastic



Roof installed by general builder with no experience in metal roofing but had one day training by a pre fabricated roofing supplier.

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