Metal Roofing covering Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and the Southwest

We offer a variety of metal roofing in the southwest, all finished with high attention to detail. Take a look below to explore the benefits and finishes of each material. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your particular architectural requirements. As well as the roof itself, we are able to create quality rainwater gutters, soffit, vertical cladding and fascia to complete your dream home.



We specialise in affordable, high quality zinc roofing.


Zinc systems are popular due to its extremely long life span of 80 to 100+ years and its versatility, being used for pitches from 3 degrees to vertical. It also has the ability to create distinct lines and curves, and so is often chosen for contemporary buildings and extensions. It is maintenance-free and forms its own protective patina, so proves very cost-effective.


It is also environmentally friendly, being made from majority recycled material and being highly recyclable, following its long life span. We offer a variety of finishes including:


  • Natural finish (an attractive shiny grey finish, dulling to a matte grey over time)
  • Pre-weathered (matte grey, factory treated to create a natural patina)
  • A range of different colours (blue, red, green, brown, black, etc)


​​If you would like a quote as to how much it would cost to add zinc to your building, please fill out the quick quote form on our Contact us page.




We also offer aluminium roofing, which proves a cost-effective alternative to zinc, particularly well suited to relatively simple roof designs.


We offer a range of colours and finishes, including zinc-coated aluminium, which combines the cost-benefits of aluminium with the attractive matte-grey finish  zinc is renowned for.



Copper provides a distinctive, attractive finish to any roof or extension.


It progresses over time from its natural bright copper colour to a distinctive blue/green finish. We also offer pre-weathered copper if you wish to have this attractive finish from the day your roof is complete.


Copper roofs are long-lasting, requiring no maintenance and are very environmentally friendly. There are a variety of finishes, anything from bronze to gold to suit your particular architectural requirements. 

Stainless Steel

We also offer high-quality stainless steel roofing, which proves resilient and versatile.


It has an extremely long life-span and is compatible with many building materials including thatch and cedar. It provides an attractive light matte-grey finish. If you would like to discuss whether stainless steel would suit your roofing needs please get in touch.





We can also fabricate and install a range of bespoke flashings to suit your particular requirements.


This can include trims, copings, sills, ridge caps and valleys. These can add a robust and attractive metal finish to roofs and buildings of any material.


We can also create and install zinc and copper tables and countertops, to provide a contemporary finish to your home interior.

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